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LÖWENGRUBE FRANCHISING FOR MORE INFORMATION The food service chain that gives you the authentic experience of a Bavarian bierstube.

The opportunity of a successful franchising.

Löwengrube Original Mūnchner Bierstube imports the Bavarian conviviality into Italy. The format blends a typical brewery with a casual dining restaurant, enhancing the Bavarian tradition through 360°, from techniques of beer tapping to typical dishes and the furnishings used. Join the world Lowengrube. It is a successful franchising in the commercial food service sector because it appeals a wide, heterogeneous target, from families to young people and because services are aimed at meeting the need of the franchisee.



The format anticipates the market of the future, with a well-trained staff, a gastronomic offer adapted to all type of costumer, from children with the new menu Kinder to gluten intolerants with the new menu Gluten Free.

Especially for children, Lowengrube provides the Area Kinder, where they can play in complete safety with games observing the educational method Montessori, able to stimulate both their intellect and creativity.

Lowengrube numbers

The growing success of Lowengrube depends on multiple factors:

– Food service chains growing in the Italian market

– Beer consumption trends growing in Italy

– A winning and original format, compared to similar business models

sales points in Italy

new opening by the end of 2021

Liters of beer served in 2018

place settings in 2018


growth in the last 2 years


The beer is the queen of Lowengrube: we offer a beer selection of the most prestigious brands of Monaco (Lowenbrau, Franziskaner, Spaten). Every beer is served in the appropriate glasses according to the typology and to the predetermined times, about 7 minutes, required for eliminate the excess of carbon dioxide and obtain the typical “hat” of foam which conserves the beer flavour and fragrance.


Our menu is wide and rich, it offers iconic products of Bavarian cuisine and not only, cooked in accordance with traditional recipes.

Menu starts with appetizers, to taste with beer, moving to the heart of the offer with first and second dishes of meat served with rich side dishes. You can also choose delicious dishes, allowing tasting and sharing the best of Lowengrube menu.


Lowengrube studied different variations of format designed for every franchising need and every space.

  • Lowengrube Stube – recently built locations with ample surface area located close to or in towns or on roads with heavy traffic. The Stube are the main Lowengrube format, a true example of a restaurant-brewery in the Bavarian tradition. Locations which replicate the atmosphere of a Bierstube in Munich, featuring very distinctive, recognizable exteriors and interiors with furnishings in natural wood or painted blue and white, the colours of the Bavarian flag, finished with brass details and characteristic items and warm, soft lighting. Each element has been designed to reflect the typical atmosphere of Bavaria at its best.


  • Initial investment from € 600.000 with an average turnover between €1.300.000 and 1.800.000.


Lowengrube Klein – the Bierstube adapts to urban centres, shopping centres, outlets, shopping malls, in train stations and airports with a large food court, keeping the same sign. The format has been designed to bring an offer of superior quality and a strong identity. Lowengrube Klein is the ideal place for a quick beer or a meal, always of high quality and rich in taste, in those moments when you are waiting.

Initial investment from € 250.000 with an average turnover between €400.000 and 800.000.



Lowengrube Wagen – a wagon with a strong aesthetic impact, a format that stands out in the street food market thanks to it originality. Perfect for various settings: shopping centres, outlets and open squares.

Initial investment from € 80.000 with an average turnover between €300.000 and 400.000.




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